Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Church Shoes

Sometimes, when you're young, you feel like dressing up for church.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quiet, Normal, Nice

Outside my’s hot, and dark, and sticky. Hope it rains soon.

The time is..10:20pm and way past my bedtime.

Today I feel...exhausted. Was up til 2:30am working on paperwork for the Chix swim club. Ugh.

I am thinking...about how much this vicodin is NOT working on my back pain.  And about a swimmer's family -- a little girl's father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that's metastasized in his liver.  Such shocking, painful news.

At the moment, I am thankful...Yell didn't throw up on my feet after her cross country meet tonight (and for my reasonably good health, a LOT of people have it a whole lot worse than me, I need to remember that).

I am about 3 minutes.  And we're going to the lake house on Saturday!!!!!

I am shorts, red t-shirt, glasses!

I wish...I had enough money to get out of debt forever! :(

I am reading...something. I can't remember what. But it's been missing since we went camping last weekend & I just checked and it definitely is NOT in the camper :*(

I am working on...getting all of the swimmers' birth certificates collected so I can submit them to Indiana Swimming!

I am sleep in on Saturday!

I am hearing...crickets. Nothing but crickets. And my laptop fan churning away...

I bet you didn't know...I transcribed 50 minutes of National Traffic Safety Board hearings today for a total of 7,608 words! Whew!

One of my favorite...things to do is chat with my niece and nephew before I get to work. Their little doses of cuteness make my morning shiny :) "Shoon! Car in driveway!" Some random person parked their car across my sister's driveway overnight, so my BIL couldn't get out to go to work! Scooby had to ride his bike to Kindergarten?!

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