Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So my pants are ballooning around my thighs...

and I say to Crab, 'I think I have a pants problem.'

Scrawny-but-sweet 12-yr-old says, 'No you don't, they look okay.'


'I do, actually, they're threatening to fall off my waist. I think they've stretched out. A lot '

Replying, my skinny little Crabbycat says, 'Its ok, Mom. You can borrow one of my belts.'

Hello? Is anyone there? Or have you fallen on the floor laughing with tears in your eyes?

It was quite possibly the most generous compliment anyone has ever given me.

You may resume laughing now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful it's Thursday

'cause I need a break.

Outside my window...it is still very dark. Poo. I don't like being up before the sunshine. But it's sooooo much cooler than it has been. Fall is definitely on the way!

The time is...6:30 am

Today I feel...tired (leftover vicodin hangover?) but looking forward to the day. I hurt my back while at work last Thursday and have been taking muscle relaxants & Vicodin every night since. It makes for an early bedtime -- and then a hangover in the morning.

I am thinking...about the conference I need to plan. umm, hello, conference guy? I need a budget before I can plan for food for 120 people!

At the moment, I am thankful...that Crab is out of the shower already! Coffee is almost done, and then it's my turn in the shower.

I am going...to pay some bills today. Boring, but necessary.

I am wearing...my Mother's Day pajama pants, glasses, and a Life is Good t-shirt

I wish...I could get a better paying job. I'm being moved to a new position - lateral move - same job description, same pay - blah.

I am reading...an overdue library book!

I am working on...FTSC registration materials. The swim season is about to start and we *only* have 31 swimmers registered. It's been 3 nights of non-stop work & I'm nearly done. I get to start all over again Monday night with the last-minute registrations! Yay me!!!

I am hoping...we get 30 more swimmers, 30 more swimmers, 30 more swimmers....

I am hearing...cars going around the corner, pump turning on, and the coffee maker is done!

I bet you didn't know...I have the prettiest pedicure. Wish I could show it off at work :( With my back issues, I'm safer in my closed-toe Danskos.

One of my favorite...things to see is a positive balance in the checkbook!

My weekend plans include...a Hokum Karum for Yellybird, and possibly camping! Our goal is to stay at every state park in our state. We've only visited one park twice so far :)

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Just Thursday (with a bonus)

Linking up with Murdock's Mama for Just Today -- she's hosting a giveaway this week -- the more followers the higher the prize (gift card = the # of linkups)(and you get to choose where the gift card works!)(WOOT!!!)(link up people, would ya?!)

Outside my window...there isn't one...but it was Africa Hot at 8am!!

The time is.. 11:00 am
Today I feel...excited...I have a chance to win a gift card from Murdock's Mama!

I am thinking...about the FTSC registrations on Monday.  I hope we get enough swimmers to make the whole effort worthwhile.
At the moment, I am thankful...the standards have been moved to their new 'permanent' location.  These THREE monstrously heavy files had to be moved one aisle over so we could make room for 9 employees moving in (along with their 17 file cabinets).

I am going...to enjoy my time with family this weekend.
I am wearing...jeans, white t-shirt, little clunky owl pendant (given to me by my Crab for Mother's Day 2 years ago), and my black Danskos.

I wish...I felt a whole heck of a lot happier.
I am reading...the Girl Scout Girl & Adult Program & Learning Guide. Gotta get some activities planned for these girls!

I am working on...hmmm, oh yeah, planning a certificate for a valued member of IFMOTC and getting our accounts back into the black for FT Swimming. If you feel the need to buy flowers, would you do me a favor & support our fundraiser? 50% goes to our Swim Club. Or you can just donate to FTSC (and yes, it's 501(c)(3) and you'll get a receipt indicating you made a tax deductible donation). Leave a comment & I'll email you details.
I am hoping...to find a better paying, more satisfying job.

I am hearing...a certain co-worker with poor manners, and a whole bunch of other people discussing structures.
I bet you didn't know...I. hate. my. car. I'm glad I have a working vehicle, and it does the job it should (pulling our camper), but the amount of gas it sucks down truly hurts my budget. Honestly. Chrysler, would you please come take this thing away?

One of my favorite...things to do with my family is to go camping.  We need to go again soon.  I love playing board games, biking, hiking, just hanging out without the distractions of everyday responsibilities.
My weekend plans include...Thurs cross country practice/SSPOM meeting, Fri NOTHING, Sat cross country time trials, cross country team picnic, and overnight with Scooby & Niece-ling at our house! If anything can lift my heart, it's hugs & giggles from Scoob & N :)

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Thursday

Linking up with Murdock's Mama for Just Today

Outside my window...no window, but while walking outside a few minutes ago (very very slowly) it was too humid to breathe. I hate the feeling of walking through tomato soup. Blagh.

The time is...10:38am.

Today I feel...really really freaking tired.  I woke up at 3am and didn't get back to sleep until after 4:30.

I am thinking...about the Chix' first day back to school and hoping they're doing alright. I mean, I know they're doing alright. They're back with their friends in a familiar school. But 7th grade can be freaky scary - especially in a parochial school where regardless of uniform, it's still painfully obvious who the haves are (vs the have nots).  And about so many things that I'd like to put into words, but have been keeping internalized, but that really need an outlet. 

At the moment, I am thankful...Ironman got paid today.

I am going...to have leftover pizza for lunch.

I am wearing...brown danskos, khaki pants, rose colored v-neck top -- and *surprise* no sunglasses as headband!

I wish...a lot.

I am reading...the most recent Mary Ann Andrews (something to do with being pregnant with twins). I gave up on The Memory Keeper's Daughter. When the wife started being attracted to another man I had to put it down.

I am working on...getting the final budget report finished from the FTSC summer season.  And updating the SSPOM website to reflect accurate info for the next community clothing sale (Sep 18, be there!).

I am hoping...the Chicklets don't have a ton of homework tonight. Especially math. Yike.

I am hearing...a new guy in the cube diagonal to me. You can't help but hear him. Apparently he's hard of hearing AND uses a cell phone exclusively AND doesn't understand that you can't hear yourself when speaking on a cell phone so he hollers even LOUDER. Yeah. And the hawking loogie guy has been gone all week. I traded bad for equally bad.

Around the house...is a very large and very heavy table scrounged from a friend's garage. Who scrounged it from a dumpster. I can't believe someone was trying to pitch it. The sucker is indestructible!

I bet you didn't know...I've undergrown a shirt I bought over the winter. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. 'Cause I really liked the shirt. But now it looks a bit like a tent on me. Nuts.

One of my favorite...ways to fall asleep is rubbing Ironman's haircut.

My weekend plans include...holy cow...NOTHING! It's a flipping miracle!!! Maybe it'll cool off enough that we can attempt to scrape/refinish the deck some more?! Keep your fingers crossed for me?

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There are things that make sense. And then there’s my life.

This morning I opened my drawer and discovered I had three pairs of underwear. All of which I hated. Hmm. What to do. Wear a hated pair? Recycle a pair? Or have a helpful Ironman volunteer to go down and check the dryer?

Thank you, Ironman!

He came back with a nice clean pair fresh from the dryer (don’t get me started, I was editing web pages for more than 5 hours last night)(I was tired)(and I don’t really care if my underwear has wrinkles, the only person who sees it is me)!

Anyway, after that little dilemma was solved, I recycled the pants I wore last night to the Chicklets’ Back to School night. (I only wore them for 2 hours, came home, changed into my pajamas, and got back to editing.) Grabbed a clean shirt, took care of lunch, heated up breakfast, poured my go-cup of coffee, and walked out the door.

It was a fairly smooth morning – catch me tomorrow when it’s the Chix' first day back to school and I’ll likely have a different story for you.

I got to work, parked the car, grabbed my cellphone/car keys/coffee/water bottle/lunch box (does anyone else have a mantra they chant as they go out the door in the morning? As they exit their car? Or is it only me?), and headed for the stairs. Figuring that the only exercise I’d get today is up and down the stairs of the parking garage, I went at ‘em. From 4 down to the basement and the cooler air conditioned gerbil tubes…until I felt the little tie-thing on the side of my pants…it was flipping oddly.

These are the most comfy cargo-type pants. They roll up at the sides if I want to wear them that way (which I am), or they can be rolled down (in the event of an arctic chill?)

I slowed down to look at the tie-things. They didn’t seem to be loose. What on earth? Checked the outer leg, nope, it was tied, too.
And then it happened.

My underwear (from yesterday) fell out of the back of my pants and onto the stairs.

Quicker than you can say “holy cow, did I really see that happen?” I scooped those suckers up and crammed them into….

So, she asked while quickly changing the subject, what’s in your lunchbox today?

Monday, August 9, 2010


Last weekend Ironman and I went to his high school reunion. The Chicklets went to their cousins' house for a sleepover. Dixie had her own sleepover at my parents' house.

When we went to get Dixie-the-wonder-pup, we found a surprise in the back yard.

Can you believe it?

Friday, August 6, 2010


I grew up in a small town. And I live in a small town.

Just kidding. Kind of. Thanks John Mellencamp :)

I grew up in the same city where I currently live. But it was a lot different 'back then'.

Way back when...I lived in a big 'ol farmhouse in a neighborhood on the north side. My parents bought the house for a song (because it lacked some basics -- electricity, plumbing, kitchen) and we grew up in the fixer upper.

Random memories...
  • leaning against the screens to watch the rain puddle under the downspouts
  • swinging on the front porch swing during thunderstorms - and when the wind blew really hard we'd cuddle under a blanket while we felt safe swinging next to Dad
  • 'helping' Mom paint the fence in the backyard (by dropping our paintbrushes into the dirt)
  • Dad climbing up to the attic via a very tall step ladder and then his head, shoulders, waist, legs...disappearing into the nothingness of my bedroom ceiling
  • having to wear slippers in the summertime because the wooden floors gave us splinters if we didn't
  • Dad cutting off the legs of a table to make us one we could play at in the playroom
  • dinner on the blue willow plates
  • how patient Mom was when we begged for a sheet/rag so we could make a 'tent' in the corner of the fenced-in-yard
  • Dad building us a sandbox that was half the length of our barn

But a lot has changed since then. I got married and moved south. I had kids. My siblings moved out. My parents sold the house and moved further north. And the neighborhood where my house was has become renter's central. It's still a hubbub of activity, but it's for a younger generation. Gone are the people I knew and loved: the older neighbors who watched out for the little ones riding bikes down the sidewalks; the helpful ones who corrected you for a transgression; the young families; the babysitters; the parents and children; all have made way for the hip, the young, the transient.

It's sad that my neighborhood has changed in such a major way. I look back at that house, that neighborhood, those families, with such fondness. It's going to be an interesting reunion. I'm sure there's a funny factor to be found.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today is just today. And I'm ok with that.

Linking up with Murdock's Mama for Just Today

Outside my window...no window, but last time I was outside it was getting sunny & already incredibly humid. Nothing like the midwest in August & taking a walk through hot soup at 7am!

The time is...8:39am

Today I feel...tired

I am thinking...I'm really glad I remembered to grab my lunch today, because I totally forgot my purse. Doh!

At the moment, I am thankful...for seatbelts. Idiot driver pulled out in of a gas station without looking and nearly smashed into me. Instead I locked up my brakes, hit the horn, and locked up my seatbelt. I have a bruise from the seatbelt, but my airbag didn't deploy and we didn't collide.



Should have just hit her.

Yes, I'm still irritated.

I am going...to try to figure out a running partner for Yell to run with at Anna's Celebration of Life this weekend.

I am wearing...black dockers, red button down short-sleeve shirt, black Danskos, earplugs, sunglasses as headband, and *horrors* no makeup! Yep, it's in my purse.

I wish...I could afford a new laptop

I am reading...Excel 2007 for Dummies (and The Memory Keeper's Daughter)(still) and I'm really enjoying another audibook by Rebecca Stead.  The Chicklets & I listened to First Light and it was truly a GREAT book.  I reviewed it on Goodreads.com if you want details.

I am working on...getting my living room dusted (found cobwebs on a lamp last night, ewwww) & figuring out some more shortcuts for Excel.  I'd really like to be a lot more proficient at this program.

I am hoping...for cooler weather soon!  Seriously, people, 110°F heat index at 2pm is just too freaking hot for comfort!

I am hearing...lots of work conversations.

Around the house...are lots of cicadas. One even flew into the house this morning!

I bet you didn't know...my twins are now certified Super Sitters! No more guilt over leaving them alone for a couple of hours - WAHOO!!!

One of my favorite...pens is a Staples OptiFlow gel pen. Smooth writing. No scratchiness. And it starts to write the instant I take off the cap. Glad work supplies them for my desk!

My weekend plans include...my grade school reunion (went to the same school 1st-8th grade) on Friday, race/fun run on Saturday for Yell, picking up back-to-school packets for the Chicklets, and a board meeting for FTSC. No rest for the wicked, right?

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Monday, August 2, 2010

8 Things...

I found this on the Cobia Family blog and decided to borrow - why not? it's cute!

8 Things I'm looking forward to...
1. going to bed
2.chicklets going to their Safe Sitter course
3.Crab's kickball tryouts
4.getting the fundraising check from Chick-Fil-A for FTSC
5. getting Ironman a treadmill for his birthday
6.fall leaves starting to change
7. going to the lake house with the M family again!
8. possibly having Niece-ling & Scooby overnight this month :)

8 Things I did yesterday...

1. went to church
2. had lunch with high school friend's of Ironman's
3. got to visit with my in-laws
4. made fun of my nephew's Facebook profile pic (it's truly horrible)
5. picked up Dixie-the-wonder-pup from my parents' house
6. got to visit with L & A (a welcome surprise)
7. made a video of a cicada walking up a tree
8.watched a balloon touch down in my parents' back yard!

8 Things I wish I could do...

1. run
2. kneel (stupid knees)
3. find a better paying job
4. understand powerpoint
5. understand sharepoint
6. learn Excel (got this one, though, just got a book from the library tonight!)
7. have more patience with my kids
8. get my house clean & KEEP IT THAT WAY!

8 Things I enjoy...

1. ice cream
2. reading to the chix before bed
3. playing with computer software
4. libraries
5. cuddling with Ironman
6. sleeping on my stomach (which hurts my back, so I can't do it)
7. a reallllly good lasagna
8. reading - blogs, books, newspapers...just about anything that'll sit still!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Apparently my twins are quite the popular young ladies ::snort::  They've been mother's helpers again this summer for a set of twin boys (27 mos) and their now 7-month-old brother.  Too funny that the big boys are requesting their presence (and too sweet).  I'm glad they all get along.

From: JKG
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 13:00:51 -0400
To: Suz
Subject: Girls?

I love your kids but if I hear Abby? Kelly? Abby? Kelly? one more time, I think I am going to scream! 
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