Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Just Thursday (with a bonus)

Linking up with Murdock's Mama for Just Today -- she's hosting a giveaway this week -- the more followers the higher the prize (gift card = the # of linkups)(and you get to choose where the gift card works!)(WOOT!!!)(link up people, would ya?!)

Outside my window...there isn't one...but it was Africa Hot at 8am!!

The time is.. 11:00 am
Today I feel...excited...I have a chance to win a gift card from Murdock's Mama!

I am thinking...about the FTSC registrations on Monday.  I hope we get enough swimmers to make the whole effort worthwhile.
At the moment, I am thankful...the standards have been moved to their new 'permanent' location.  These THREE monstrously heavy files had to be moved one aisle over so we could make room for 9 employees moving in (along with their 17 file cabinets).

I am enjoy my time with family this weekend.
I am wearing...jeans, white t-shirt, little clunky owl pendant (given to me by my Crab for Mother's Day 2 years ago), and my black Danskos.

I wish...I felt a whole heck of a lot happier.
I am reading...the Girl Scout Girl & Adult Program & Learning Guide. Gotta get some activities planned for these girls!

I am working on...hmmm, oh yeah, planning a certificate for a valued member of IFMOTC and getting our accounts back into the black for FT Swimming. If you feel the need to buy flowers, would you do me a favor & support our fundraiser? 50% goes to our Swim Club. Or you can just donate to FTSC (and yes, it's 501(c)(3) and you'll get a receipt indicating you made a tax deductible donation). Leave a comment & I'll email you details.
I am find a better paying, more satisfying job.

I am hearing...a certain co-worker with poor manners, and a whole bunch of other people discussing structures.
I bet you didn't know...I. hate. my. car. I'm glad I have a working vehicle, and it does the job it should (pulling our camper), but the amount of gas it sucks down truly hurts my budget. Honestly. Chrysler, would you please come take this thing away?

One of my favorite...things to do with my family is to go camping.  We need to go again soon.  I love playing board games, biking, hiking, just hanging out without the distractions of everyday responsibilities.
My weekend plans include...Thurs cross country practice/SSPOM meeting, Fri NOTHING, Sat cross country time trials, cross country team picnic, and overnight with Scooby & Niece-ling at our house! If anything can lift my heart, it's hugs & giggles from Scoob & N :)

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