Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There are things that make sense. And then there’s my life.

This morning I opened my drawer and discovered I had three pairs of underwear. All of which I hated. Hmm. What to do. Wear a hated pair? Recycle a pair? Or have a helpful Ironman volunteer to go down and check the dryer?

Thank you, Ironman!

He came back with a nice clean pair fresh from the dryer (don’t get me started, I was editing web pages for more than 5 hours last night)(I was tired)(and I don’t really care if my underwear has wrinkles, the only person who sees it is me)!

Anyway, after that little dilemma was solved, I recycled the pants I wore last night to the Chicklets’ Back to School night. (I only wore them for 2 hours, came home, changed into my pajamas, and got back to editing.) Grabbed a clean shirt, took care of lunch, heated up breakfast, poured my go-cup of coffee, and walked out the door.

It was a fairly smooth morning – catch me tomorrow when it’s the Chix' first day back to school and I’ll likely have a different story for you.

I got to work, parked the car, grabbed my cellphone/car keys/coffee/water bottle/lunch box (does anyone else have a mantra they chant as they go out the door in the morning? As they exit their car? Or is it only me?), and headed for the stairs. Figuring that the only exercise I’d get today is up and down the stairs of the parking garage, I went at ‘em. From 4 down to the basement and the cooler air conditioned gerbil tubes…until I felt the little tie-thing on the side of my pants…it was flipping oddly.

These are the most comfy cargo-type pants. They roll up at the sides if I want to wear them that way (which I am), or they can be rolled down (in the event of an arctic chill?)

I slowed down to look at the tie-things. They didn’t seem to be loose. What on earth? Checked the outer leg, nope, it was tied, too.
And then it happened.

My underwear (from yesterday) fell out of the back of my pants and onto the stairs.

Quicker than you can say “holy cow, did I really see that happen?” I scooped those suckers up and crammed them into….

So, she asked while quickly changing the subject, what’s in your lunchbox today?

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