Friday, February 18, 2011

Yellybird may not be a bird after all (she could be a fish!)

It's not a divisional or state qualifying time, but she improves EVERY meet.  I'm so proud!!!

Suz H.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best Shoes Ever!!!!!

These shoes are soooooo cool!!! I just love
them soooooooo much!!! Don't you?! They have the charlie brown comic and it is on a pair of Chuck Taylors!!! I love Chucks and they are just so comfortable! I think that everybody should have a pair of these awesome shoes, sure you can't run in them really well but they are still really awesome!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Girl Knows How To Dress-

This is a perfect example of how much I can never, ever grow up!!!! This performance was put on this summer when my mom came home from work. I got this dress like what 7 years ago. I loved it then but it is now really, really itchy! My sister Kat is behind me in a pink version of what I am wearing. This is really fun and I suggest that everybody be happy and that and play around like your a kid once in a while, it will do you some good.

Running My Way Through Junior High

I am a runner, thats all there is to it. I love it sooooooo much. That feeling that you get when you take off down the first stretch of the race.
I ran a 5 mile for a charity this summer and I was chewing gum during it. So halfway through the race I breathe in really deep and I start choking!!!!! I had breathed in my gum!!!!! My running partner C ( a different C than the my first blog) stopped and started screaming at me asking over, and over again if I was okay! I finally coughed it up and started running again. I finished in 50 minutes and I loved it!!!!!

Reading Your Heart Out

When I read the world goes away, I can't hear anything and I just can't stop. To me everybody should be able to feel this. I mean come on its like............. never tasting pizza its just impossible to deal with if you can't! If you don't like reading you are really missing out on a lot of stuff. I mean there are hundreds of books out there with all sorts of topics if you don't read you never learn or enjoy the process of figuring something out before the character! If you don't read this I don't blame you I mean come on I am an adolescent girl with some a case of book fever, who would listen to me without thinking that I am insane sometimes!

P.S. I am insane only sometimes, not all of the time!

How to get your mom to give you your own blog 101:

So I started reading this book and it is soooooooo good I could not put it down, and there is this character in the book who starts her own blog called Fashionista Jane I got the idea to start my own blog and my friend C and I were talking about it during swim practice and we got really into it she thought that my idea was brilliant.
But later that night I asked my mom about it and she said NO!!!!!! I mean how unfair is that I am setting a reasonable goal for my self and I just want to tell people about it!
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