Saturday, July 31, 2010

From the mouth of...

my little Niece-ling!

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From: Kake
Date: Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 8:52 PM
Subject: Niece-ling's latest
To: Suz

We were on a walk today and passed by a porch where a couple of grandparents were sitting outside with 2 kids, one a baby.

N: "They hab a baby."

me: "They did? You like babies, don't you?"

Natalie: "Yeah. Sometimes." [pause] "You buy one?" "A real one?"

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Friday, July 30, 2010

look at those happy faces

Crab, Ironman, Yell
July 1999
These little Chicklets were 14 months old & trying to escape from Ironman when I snapped this photo.  Yell insisted that she is "the one on the right 'cuz I don't have a big head".  She's right!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

watch what you wish for!

Watch what you wish for? You betcha! I've been overwhelmed this week!!!

Outside my window...don't have one - but last time I passed one it was overcast, very very overcast - yuk

The time is...1113 am

Today I feel...overwhelmed

I am am I ever going to finish my to-do list

At the moment, I am thankful...for earphones, 'cuz my cube neighbor is preaching the virtues of his religion to another co-worker AGAIN. Not that I have a problem with other religions, but jeez, it gets really OLD to hear it EVERY FREAKING DAY!

I am go shopping for "beach wear" for Ironman's high school reunion this weekend.

I am wearing...brown chinos, brown patterned short-sleeve shirt, brown sweater (it's FREEZING in here), and yes, brown Danskos

I wish...I had gotten a better night's sleep last night

I am reading...The Memory Keeper's Daughter...still

I am working on...updating the work website, asbestos licensing renewals, replacing editable documents, paying bills, and praying for peace within my own head

I am hoping...the thunderstorms stay away tonight 'cuz the Chicklets are camping in tents with Girl Scouts!

I am hearing...Bill Cosby Himself (thank you earphones!!!), and it's making me giggle..."So I went back downstairs and my wife said, 'Did you kill him?' and I said, 'no' and she said, 'Well, why not?!?' and I said, 'I don't know???'"

Around the house...I found the floor of the closet it no longer looks like this
um, thanks Chicklets?

I bet you didn't know...I found out my knee is "weird"

One of my favorite...snacks is chips - and I'm avoiding them like the plague!

My weekend plans include...picking up Chicklets at my mom's on Saturday (after they babysit their cousins on Friday/Saturday), going to Ironman's hometown for his high school reunion, watching Chicklets swim in the hotel pool, and hightailing it back home on Sunday so we can be greeters at church ::whew::

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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Monday

Satisfying, that was my day.

I awoke to hear a Chicklet in the bathroom. Not surprising, as it was the first day of Girl Scout camp. Surprising as it was only 6am! Not that I pry them out of bed on a regular basis - when they awake at 5:15 two days a week it's to go to their 'job' and they usually run around like crazy loons because they can't wait to get to 'their boys'. In case you didn't know, they are mother's helpers for a friend with 28-month-old twin boys and their 7-month-old little brother.

Anyway, the Chicklets were way too excited - way too ready - and WAHOO! on time for the bus.

I got to work at my anticipated time - one hour *after* my scheduled start time - using one hour of vacation (every day this week). I can handle it, no biggie, I'm very glad to be able to send the Chicklets to Girl Scout camp despite the goofy hours offered and having to take 1.25 hours of very precious vacation time to get them to/from the bus stop four days a week.

And the instant I walked through the door, I was nothing but business - busy ness - busybusybusy.

Updated a web page. Created a memo, proofed, converted to Adobe, and then posted to the web. Delivered mail. Answered a bazillion emails about a conference. Made and answered phone calls regarding the conference. Made and answered phone calls regarding inspection activities. Created some fun profiles for inspectors that make it oh-so-much-easier to handle their hotel reservations. Dealt with varying hotels all over the place so I could get the lowest price for the rooms I needed to reserve. Made an evaluation for conference attendees.

And then I flew out of work like a bat out of h-e-double hockey sticks so I could get the Chicklets from their camp bus.

After I got the Chicklets from their bus I high-tailed it back to work (with the Chicklets in tow) to finish compiling all of the powerpoint presentations for the conference in the morning. I ended up being at work until 1800. (6pm) 8.25 hours

I guess I don't need to take vacation time after all.

Just color me a happy lil' camper :) I can't wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

tired and content

Outside my's black as pitch, hot, HUMID, and there's a baby bird cheeping away for some food from his mommy!

The time is...1236 am

Today I feel...tired, but sooooooo happy my chicklets were so kind to me tonight

I am thinking...I should really be in bed

At the moment, I am thankful...Ironman wasn't seriously injured when his humvee was rear ended by a semi on Monday. Thank you, God, for your many blessings!

I am bed very very very shortly!

I am wearing...quick-dry shorts, a muppets t-shirt, glasses

I wish...I could just relax

I am reading...The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and Twenties Girl (which is due to Murdock's Mama)(and so far is completely weird)

I am working on...getting the rest of the bills/papers on my kitchen counter filed/sorted/GONE!

I am hoping...the repair bill for Ironman's car is less than $2,000 (please, God, hear this prayer....)

I am hearing...two Chicklets who really should NOT be awake & arguing at this hour!

Around the shockingly straightened up (except for the random coloring pages a certain daughter [ahem...Yell...] left strewn about the living room)

I bet you didn't know...that when I got home from work Wed, two Chicklets had:  made dinner, washed four loads of laundry, cleaned up the playroom, and made chocolate chip cookie dough!  Oh the things they'll do for me when they want to go shopping for school supplies :)

One of my favorite...sounds is the giggles of my twins...just not at 1222a.m.

My weekend plans include...possibly going to the Brickyard 400...possibly sleeping late on Saturday morning...DEFINITELY seeing Ironman again!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Drama Mama!

The previously thought of light-hearted Post-It-Note Tuesday has been rescheduled due to a bit of drama at ShinesSite yesterday.

Receiving an email from Ironman threw me for a loop.  It seems while at AT (annual training) for the National Guard, his humvee was rear ended by a semi.  Um, what?!

1:10pm  What on earth was I supposed to think?  OK, so I called the hospital where he was supposed to be.  (Uh, hello, hospital? you might want to pay for a higher page ranking.  Google search found your site on PAGE 4 of the rankings!)

Um, hello, it's news....

Oh, no, I'm not a little tense.  Not at all.  Nope.  Not me.  It's nearly 3:30pm and I've heard NOTHING else.  *PING*  Hear that?  The sound of my nerves at the slightest disturbance!
Find some Jimmy Buffett.  Or call your sister.  Something.  Anything.

a little FYI - I finally talked semi-coherently with Ironman at 0136 this morning.

His vehicle was in the left hand lane, with turn signal on, at a complete stop.  Ironman saw the semi approaching in his mirror and was able to brace himself.  Ironman said he immediately felt 'severe pain' but got out of his vehicle and ran around the humvee to check on his driver.  His driver wasn't so lucky and was seriously affected by the impact.  She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.  She has a worse case of whiplash than Ironman, who was diagnosed and released after about four hours.

The thing that saved them both was that the semi's bumper didn't align with the humvee's bumper.  Apparently it had a logging-type bumper that crushed the bed portion of Ironman's humvee and a large portion of the back seat.  If the bumpers had aligned...I wouldn't be posting right now.

The semi has been impounded. 

Hmmm, I don't think the federal government likes the idea of you taking out one of the people they've trained to keep peace Semi Driver.  You're going to have a small bill/lawsuit/investigation on your hands.
We're very lucky he's alive. Thank you, God, for keeping him safe!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Star Wars Trivia

From: Nacho
Date: Sat, Jul 3, 2010 at 4:29 PM
Subject: Star wars
To: Kake, Suz, T, UB

JJ's star wars characters knowledge. Guess that character...

Dark mold
Open one kenoby
Luke Sty rocker

From: Kake
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010at 10:39AM
To: Nacho; Suz; T; UB
Subject: Re: Star wars

Who's Dark Mold??!

From: UB
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 13:47:58 -0400
To: Kake
Cc: Nacho; Suz; T
Subject: Re: Star wars

So...I'm assuming that Dark Mold's sith master is Dark Vader? And futhermore, is there a Closed One Kenoby?

From: Suz
Date: Jul 6, 2010, 1:59 PM
To: Kake, T, UB, Nacho

Actually I assumed there was an Open Two Kenobi. And Kake, you need some lessons in Star Wars personalities :\

From: UB
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 14:02:02 -0400
To: Kake
Cc: Nacho; Suz; T
Subject: Re: Star wars

Yeah Kake...does Scooby even know who Dark Mold is?

From: Kake
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 3:12 PM
To: Nacho; Suz; T; UB
Subject: Re: Star wars

Alas, he does not. And for now, I am OK with that. Those dumba** Transformers are taking up enough space in our house right now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Hunky Husband Survey

This was so fun (found it here) I had to do my own!

What is his name? Ironman (a.k.a. Steve)

How long have you been married? Holy cow. 18 years next month!

How long did you date? Hmm, before he asked me to marry him? 13 months. Before we got married? 22 months

How old is he? 43 (and still smokin')

Who eats more?   I respectfully refuse to answer that question on the grounds that if I answer it honestly I might not get another Christmas present ever!

Who said I love you first?   Teebs

Who is taller?   Ironman - by almost a foot

Who sings better?   for real singing? probably me. I think he'd be a great bass though. For fun singing, definitely Ironman (love to hear him warble out power ballads)!

Who is smarter? geez, when it comes to math-type-logic stuff, Ironman hands down. When it comes to literary crapola, that would be my ballgame.

Whose temper is worse? It depends on the day, usually his. Although today I would be an excellent match.

Who does the laundry? me ::sigh::

Who does the dishes? me ::bigger sigh::

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me

Who pays the bills? he makes the money, I pay the bills

Who mows the lawn? if he's in town? Ironman. If he's not, me.

Who cooks dinner? me (but give him a grill/campsite and it's hands-off-Suz!)

Who drives when you are together? depends on the task & the car
church = usually me, but if in Ironman's car=Ironman
grocery store = usually me
going camping = Ironman
road trip somewhere else = Ironman (usually)

Who is more stubborn? We are both VERY stubborn. Probably me though...

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Neither of us, we are always right. But on special occasions we will both admit we are wrong.

Whose parents do you see the most? Mostly mine (thanks for the loaner car, Pop!), Ironman's mom lives about 90 minutes away

Who has more friends? Oi. Ironman=lotsandlotsandlots of Army guys, me=lotsandlotsandlots of moms of multiples (if you count by kids, I'd probably win)

Who has more siblings?   I have 4 (little bro, little sis, little bro, way-taller-than-me-baby bro) - but thanks to Ironman's sister, I have a salutatorian high school graduate for a first-born nephew!

Was it love at first sight?   I don't know about love...but there was definitely a VERY strong attraction!  Whew.  Gotta go take a walk!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today is Weird

Linking up for Just Thursday...

Outside my window...doh! no window!

The time is...10:55am

Today I feel...very teary, on the verge of crying, and I don't know why.

I am thinking...that I hope all of the invoices I sent out yesterday get paid promptly, that I don't have to hound people for meet fees, and that a TON of people come to the Chick Fil-A fundraiser next week

At the moment, I am thankful...ADP will be taking over payroll for the swim club

I am call Autobahn to see when/if/how much/about Ironman's car repairs. Ugh!

I am Danskos, black pants, SSPOM golf shirt, sunglasses as headband

I wish...people would send me some funny toddler-type stories. Why do I feel so blue?

I am reading...Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal - it's making me laugh (a good thing)

I am working statements for the 2nd quarter for the swim club, gaming application for 50/50 raffles for IFMOTC, and FINDING THE FLOOR OF THE CLOSET ROOM!!! (ahem...Yell, take note)

I am hoping...the critter that was under our house last night is G-O-N-E

I am hearing...quiet work chatter

Around the house...I really need to work on laundry...maybe I'll get the chance while Crab is at volleyball camp....

I bet you didn't know...I signed my twins up for their Safe Sitter course!

One of my favorite...pairs of shoes is on my feet. How I love my Danskos....

My weekend plans include...dvd with the Chicklets, maybe some pizza, sleeping late on Saturday a.m., possibly going to see Despicable Me, DEFINITELY 12:00 mass on Sunday so we can sing with Patty!

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Just Thursday

Have no idea why this didn't post last week -- but I just found it in my drafts -- so I'm submitting it now, but will be submitting another shortly. ::insert eyeroll::

Linking up with Murdock's Mama, Abby, for Just Thursday...because that's exactly what it is today...Just Thursday.

Outside my's gone from completely too hot to sodden & rainy in the span of just 8 minutes!

The time is...5:40pm

Today I feel...good (doc was happy with me for losing weight...woot!)

I am's going to be a loooooong 2 weeks without Ironman

At the moment, I am parents let me borrow their car while Ironman's is being fixed

I am be realllllly upset to hear the estimate on the car repairs

I am wearing...a long-sleeve t-shirt, shorts, river shoes

I wish...we had a more fuel-efficient vehicle (or two)

I am reading...websites, comparing hosting packages (wasn't I doing that last week, too?)

I am working on...moving the site to a cheaper alternative

I am hoping...the next two weeks aren't too stressful

I am hearing...children babbling, people typing, doors opening & closing, air conditioning running

Around the house...there is a cowering dog who is terrified of the rain

I bet you didn't know...I'm at the library!

One of my favorite...activities is to watch my kids when they're practicing sports - 'cause the grin on their faces when they accomplish a goal is just about the best thing ever

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Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We don't celebrate the 4th of July

My sister called me a few weeks ago.  She was at our parents' house visiting with her kids.  Apparently, in Ohio, you're not allowed to purchase fireworks. 


I had no idea such a thing existed!

My pyro-technic-pyromaniac brother (who shall remain nameless, but let us recall that he set fire to a tree stump in our neighbor's back yard when he was younger than seven?) would have certainly heart failure if he had to live there (or arrange for a convenient vacation in Kentucky around a certain national holiday)!

Aunt Kake was galled, appalled, astounded, and just plain stunned.  She said to my twins, before they were planning to leave that they would, "do some smoke bombs and snakes". 

Snakes were so cool.  You used a match to light this little black button, and then all of the sudden the button exploded into a long tube of charred ash, hissing all the way.

My kids' response to her statement, "What are snakes and smokebombs?"

Um, oops?

I'm apparently lacking in their childhood fireworks education.

It's not that we don't 'celebrate' the independence of our country.  We do.  Our household is patriotism personified.  For Pete's sake, my husband is a soldier!  We have red, white, & blue basket liners, bows, candles, flags.  We even had a military wedding!  Every other day of the year, we celebrate our independence, we appreciate the sacrifices made by others for our freedoms.  I even took the girls to vote with me when they were littler and stressed how important it was that we recognize the women who fought for our right to vote.  We just don't 'celebrate' the 4th of July.

I don't know how to change what we do, or even if we should, but for more years than I can remember, we've gone camping.  We avoid the whole fireworks insanity that goes on around cities. 

My father-in-law, whom I never met, died on July 4, 1989.  I never got to meet him.  He was a military guy, just like Ironman, and lived in Colorado.  He loved the outdoors and enjoyed camping, fishing, and hunting.  From pictures I've seen, Ironman looks just like him. Even though I never met him, and our children never knew him, it still pains me that my husband doesn't have his father with him anymore.

Sorry if this seems like it's preachy or self-absorbed; and I'm not trying to make Ironman's father into something more than he was.  It's about how our family works, how we cope, how we get along, and how we *don't* grieve. 

In the interest of preserving a little bit of respect for the date (rather than the holiday), we go camping.  We spend family time together.  We cook outside (er, Ironman cooks, I decorate a chair), we hike, we go swimming, we play full-contact B.S., we laugh, we ride bikes, we play Monkey-in-the-Middle (which is wickedly funny when you surprise the 'monkey' by rebounding the ball off of her forehead).  We enjoy enormously rewarding family time together.

And while our children aren't learning about the finer points of pyrotechnics or the smell of burning explosives, they appreciate that their dad works hard for our country, they know he sacrifices to be away from us, and they enjoy our time together.  And if it keeps them 'close' to us a little longer, so be it.

For us, it's the perfect way to celebrate our nation's independence.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Note to Yell

I'm linking up again this week, because it's something simple, and my brain is beyond toast.

Thursday, July 1, 2010's just Thursday

Outside my is dark, cool, zero humidity, and perfect sleeping weather!

The time is...10:33pm

Today I feel...busy

I am thinking...I should really stop eating these Girl Scout Thin Mints

At the moment, I am thankful...I found the freaking Thin Mints!

I am hell in a handbasket

I am wearing...khaki pants, brown patterned button down, no shoes, no socks - perfect attire for driving a kid to cross country practice - not so perfect attire for cutting the grass (which I just finished)

I wish...the toad hadn't committed suicide while I was watching  ::pouty lip::

I am reading...websites comparing hosting packages

I am working on...stripping the deck

I am hoping...the deck decides to strip itself!

I am hearing...two chicklets (who should be unconscious) chattering away despite the fact that they need to get up at 5:30am for work tomorrow

Around the a giant mess - that's what happens when you go out of town for three days & then dh asks you to accompany him to a conference for three days immediately thereafter!

I bet you didn't know...I've submitted press releases across the state of Indiana this week, and submitted writing samples to two different online zines (yeek!)

One of my favorite...treats in the world is a white mocha from Starbucks & I'd LOVE to have one in the morning

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