Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Thursday

Have no idea why this didn't post last week -- but I just found it in my drafts -- so I'm submitting it now, but will be submitting another shortly. ::insert eyeroll::

Linking up with Murdock's Mama, Abby, for Just Thursday...because that's exactly what it is today...Just Thursday.

Outside my's gone from completely too hot to sodden & rainy in the span of just 8 minutes!

The time is...5:40pm

Today I feel...good (doc was happy with me for losing weight...woot!)

I am's going to be a loooooong 2 weeks without Ironman

At the moment, I am parents let me borrow their car while Ironman's is being fixed

I am be realllllly upset to hear the estimate on the car repairs

I am wearing...a long-sleeve t-shirt, shorts, river shoes

I wish...we had a more fuel-efficient vehicle (or two)

I am reading...websites, comparing hosting packages (wasn't I doing that last week, too?)

I am working on...moving the site to a cheaper alternative

I am hoping...the next two weeks aren't too stressful

I am hearing...children babbling, people typing, doors opening & closing, air conditioning running

Around the house...there is a cowering dog who is terrified of the rain

I bet you didn't know...I'm at the library!

One of my favorite...activities is to watch my kids when they're practicing sports - 'cause the grin on their faces when they accomplish a goal is just about the best thing ever

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Have a great Thursday everyone!

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