Friday, July 16, 2010

The Hunky Husband Survey

This was so fun (found it here) I had to do my own!

What is his name? Ironman (a.k.a. Steve)

How long have you been married? Holy cow. 18 years next month!

How long did you date? Hmm, before he asked me to marry him? 13 months. Before we got married? 22 months

How old is he? 43 (and still smokin')

Who eats more?   I respectfully refuse to answer that question on the grounds that if I answer it honestly I might not get another Christmas present ever!

Who said I love you first?   Teebs

Who is taller?   Ironman - by almost a foot

Who sings better?   for real singing? probably me. I think he'd be a great bass though. For fun singing, definitely Ironman (love to hear him warble out power ballads)!

Who is smarter? geez, when it comes to math-type-logic stuff, Ironman hands down. When it comes to literary crapola, that would be my ballgame.

Whose temper is worse? It depends on the day, usually his. Although today I would be an excellent match.

Who does the laundry? me ::sigh::

Who does the dishes? me ::bigger sigh::

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me

Who pays the bills? he makes the money, I pay the bills

Who mows the lawn? if he's in town? Ironman. If he's not, me.

Who cooks dinner? me (but give him a grill/campsite and it's hands-off-Suz!)

Who drives when you are together? depends on the task & the car
church = usually me, but if in Ironman's car=Ironman
grocery store = usually me
going camping = Ironman
road trip somewhere else = Ironman (usually)

Who is more stubborn? We are both VERY stubborn. Probably me though...

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Neither of us, we are always right. But on special occasions we will both admit we are wrong.

Whose parents do you see the most? Mostly mine (thanks for the loaner car, Pop!), Ironman's mom lives about 90 minutes away

Who has more friends? Oi. Ironman=lotsandlotsandlots of Army guys, me=lotsandlotsandlots of moms of multiples (if you count by kids, I'd probably win)

Who has more siblings?   I have 4 (little bro, little sis, little bro, way-taller-than-me-baby bro) - but thanks to Ironman's sister, I have a salutatorian high school graduate for a first-born nephew!

Was it love at first sight?   I don't know about love...but there was definitely a VERY strong attraction!  Whew.  Gotta go take a walk!


  1. Thanks, Erin, feel free to copy & do your own :)

    Suz H.
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  2. it's so obvious how much you love your man and that's a very cool thing.

    enjoyed this. favorite part was this:

    Who cooks dinner? me (but give him a grill/campsite and it's hands-off-Suz!)

  3. @JCO that's my favorite part, too!


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