Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today is Weird

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Outside my window...doh! no window!

The time is...10:55am

Today I feel...very teary, on the verge of crying, and I don't know why.

I am thinking...that I hope all of the invoices I sent out yesterday get paid promptly, that I don't have to hound people for meet fees, and that a TON of people come to the Chick Fil-A fundraiser next week

At the moment, I am thankful...ADP will be taking over payroll for the swim club

I am call Autobahn to see when/if/how much/about Ironman's car repairs. Ugh!

I am Danskos, black pants, SSPOM golf shirt, sunglasses as headband

I wish...people would send me some funny toddler-type stories. Why do I feel so blue?

I am reading...Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal - it's making me laugh (a good thing)

I am working statements for the 2nd quarter for the swim club, gaming application for 50/50 raffles for IFMOTC, and FINDING THE FLOOR OF THE CLOSET ROOM!!! (ahem...Yell, take note)

I am hoping...the critter that was under our house last night is G-O-N-E

I am hearing...quiet work chatter

Around the house...I really need to work on laundry...maybe I'll get the chance while Crab is at volleyball camp....

I bet you didn't know...I signed my twins up for their Safe Sitter course!

One of my favorite...pairs of shoes is on my feet. How I love my Danskos....

My weekend plans include...dvd with the Chicklets, maybe some pizza, sleeping late on Saturday a.m., possibly going to see Despicable Me, DEFINITELY 12:00 mass on Sunday so we can sing with Patty!

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  1. Yuck...I hate that feeling!! I was like that yesterday...I ended up going to bed at 8:49pm!! Aren't Danskos the best!!

    Thanks for linking up again!!

  2. I had no idea the one last week didn't post. I posted it today, so I'm getting a two-fer I guess? Need a kiddo story to make me laugh for sure. I do indeed loooooove my Danskos...

  3. Awe Suz.....I hope you are feeling better. Nothing like feeling down and not knowing the reason why. Ugh!

    I too wear sunglasses on my head more than my face :-)

  4. @Goldylocks Today is a lot better. It was a truly weird day - though when I got home, to their credit, the Chicklets didn't argue about helping with laundry, vacuuming, or general cleanup. Sooooo grateful for that!


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