Monday, July 26, 2010

My Monday

Satisfying, that was my day.

I awoke to hear a Chicklet in the bathroom. Not surprising, as it was the first day of Girl Scout camp. Surprising as it was only 6am! Not that I pry them out of bed on a regular basis - when they awake at 5:15 two days a week it's to go to their 'job' and they usually run around like crazy loons because they can't wait to get to 'their boys'. In case you didn't know, they are mother's helpers for a friend with 28-month-old twin boys and their 7-month-old little brother.

Anyway, the Chicklets were way too excited - way too ready - and WAHOO! on time for the bus.

I got to work at my anticipated time - one hour *after* my scheduled start time - using one hour of vacation (every day this week). I can handle it, no biggie, I'm very glad to be able to send the Chicklets to Girl Scout camp despite the goofy hours offered and having to take 1.25 hours of very precious vacation time to get them to/from the bus stop four days a week.

And the instant I walked through the door, I was nothing but business - busy ness - busybusybusy.

Updated a web page. Created a memo, proofed, converted to Adobe, and then posted to the web. Delivered mail. Answered a bazillion emails about a conference. Made and answered phone calls regarding the conference. Made and answered phone calls regarding inspection activities. Created some fun profiles for inspectors that make it oh-so-much-easier to handle their hotel reservations. Dealt with varying hotels all over the place so I could get the lowest price for the rooms I needed to reserve. Made an evaluation for conference attendees.

And then I flew out of work like a bat out of h-e-double hockey sticks so I could get the Chicklets from their camp bus.

After I got the Chicklets from their bus I high-tailed it back to work (with the Chicklets in tow) to finish compiling all of the powerpoint presentations for the conference in the morning. I ended up being at work until 1800. (6pm) 8.25 hours

I guess I don't need to take vacation time after all.

Just color me a happy lil' camper :) I can't wait for tomorrow!

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