Thursday, July 22, 2010

tired and content

Outside my's black as pitch, hot, HUMID, and there's a baby bird cheeping away for some food from his mommy!

The time is...1236 am

Today I feel...tired, but sooooooo happy my chicklets were so kind to me tonight

I am thinking...I should really be in bed

At the moment, I am thankful...Ironman wasn't seriously injured when his humvee was rear ended by a semi on Monday. Thank you, God, for your many blessings!

I am bed very very very shortly!

I am wearing...quick-dry shorts, a muppets t-shirt, glasses

I wish...I could just relax

I am reading...The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and Twenties Girl (which is due to Murdock's Mama)(and so far is completely weird)

I am working on...getting the rest of the bills/papers on my kitchen counter filed/sorted/GONE!

I am hoping...the repair bill for Ironman's car is less than $2,000 (please, God, hear this prayer....)

I am hearing...two Chicklets who really should NOT be awake & arguing at this hour!

Around the shockingly straightened up (except for the random coloring pages a certain daughter [ahem...Yell...] left strewn about the living room)

I bet you didn't know...that when I got home from work Wed, two Chicklets had:  made dinner, washed four loads of laundry, cleaned up the playroom, and made chocolate chip cookie dough!  Oh the things they'll do for me when they want to go shopping for school supplies :)

One of my favorite...sounds is the giggles of my twins...just not at 1222a.m.

My weekend plans include...possibly going to the Brickyard 400...possibly sleeping late on Saturday morning...DEFINITELY seeing Ironman again!

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