Thursday, July 1, 2010's just Thursday

Outside my is dark, cool, zero humidity, and perfect sleeping weather!

The time is...10:33pm

Today I feel...busy

I am thinking...I should really stop eating these Girl Scout Thin Mints

At the moment, I am thankful...I found the freaking Thin Mints!

I am hell in a handbasket

I am wearing...khaki pants, brown patterned button down, no shoes, no socks - perfect attire for driving a kid to cross country practice - not so perfect attire for cutting the grass (which I just finished)

I wish...the toad hadn't committed suicide while I was watching  ::pouty lip::

I am reading...websites comparing hosting packages

I am working on...stripping the deck

I am hoping...the deck decides to strip itself!

I am hearing...two chicklets (who should be unconscious) chattering away despite the fact that they need to get up at 5:30am for work tomorrow

Around the a giant mess - that's what happens when you go out of town for three days & then dh asks you to accompany him to a conference for three days immediately thereafter!

I bet you didn't know...I've submitted press releases across the state of Indiana this week, and submitted writing samples to two different online zines (yeek!)

One of my favorite...treats in the world is a white mocha from Starbucks & I'd LOVE to have one in the morning

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  1. Never stop eating the thing mints!

    And try a Redneck Latte instead!


  2. Mmmmm....your post has made me hungry for all sorts of naughty things...Starbucks, thin mints...I think your blog should come with some kind of warning...

  3. @UP - I had to settle for a McDonald's cup o'coffee due to a late wakeup, no time for my own even! 5:30 came a little too early!

    @Pennie - sorry - that wasn't the intention - was just lamenting that I ate half a sleeve of those stupid cookies when all I really needed was one square of dark chocolate!

  4. Ahh...I missed this on Thursday! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway! Good luck!!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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