Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Thursday

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Outside my window, but while walking outside a few minutes ago (very very slowly) it was too humid to breathe. I hate the feeling of walking through tomato soup. Blagh.

The time is...10:38am.

Today I feel...really really freaking tired.  I woke up at 3am and didn't get back to sleep until after 4:30.

I am thinking...about the Chix' first day back to school and hoping they're doing alright. I mean, I know they're doing alright. They're back with their friends in a familiar school. But 7th grade can be freaky scary - especially in a parochial school where regardless of uniform, it's still painfully obvious who the haves are (vs the have nots).  And about so many things that I'd like to put into words, but have been keeping internalized, but that really need an outlet. 

At the moment, I am thankful...Ironman got paid today.

I am have leftover pizza for lunch.

I am wearing...brown danskos, khaki pants, rose colored v-neck top -- and *surprise* no sunglasses as headband!

I wish...a lot.

I am reading...the most recent Mary Ann Andrews (something to do with being pregnant with twins). I gave up on The Memory Keeper's Daughter. When the wife started being attracted to another man I had to put it down.

I am working on...getting the final budget report finished from the FTSC summer season.  And updating the SSPOM website to reflect accurate info for the next community clothing sale (Sep 18, be there!).

I am hoping...the Chicklets don't have a ton of homework tonight. Especially math. Yike.

I am hearing...a new guy in the cube diagonal to me. You can't help but hear him. Apparently he's hard of hearing AND uses a cell phone exclusively AND doesn't understand that you can't hear yourself when speaking on a cell phone so he hollers even LOUDER. Yeah. And the hawking loogie guy has been gone all week. I traded bad for equally bad.

Around the a very large and very heavy table scrounged from a friend's garage. Who scrounged it from a dumpster. I can't believe someone was trying to pitch it. The sucker is indestructible!

I bet you didn't know...I've undergrown a shirt I bought over the winter. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. 'Cause I really liked the shirt. But now it looks a bit like a tent on me. Nuts.

One of my favorite...ways to fall asleep is rubbing Ironman's haircut.

My weekend plans include...holy cow...NOTHING! It's a flipping miracle!!! Maybe it'll cool off enough that we can attempt to scrape/refinish the deck some more?! Keep your fingers crossed for me?

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