Monday, August 2, 2010

8 Things...

I found this on the Cobia Family blog and decided to borrow - why not? it's cute!

8 Things I'm looking forward to...
1. going to bed
2.chicklets going to their Safe Sitter course
3.Crab's kickball tryouts
4.getting the fundraising check from Chick-Fil-A for FTSC
5. getting Ironman a treadmill for his birthday
6.fall leaves starting to change
7. going to the lake house with the M family again!
8. possibly having Niece-ling & Scooby overnight this month :)

8 Things I did yesterday...

1. went to church
2. had lunch with high school friend's of Ironman's
3. got to visit with my in-laws
4. made fun of my nephew's Facebook profile pic (it's truly horrible)
5. picked up Dixie-the-wonder-pup from my parents' house
6. got to visit with L & A (a welcome surprise)
7. made a video of a cicada walking up a tree
8.watched a balloon touch down in my parents' back yard!

8 Things I wish I could do...

1. run
2. kneel (stupid knees)
3. find a better paying job
4. understand powerpoint
5. understand sharepoint
6. learn Excel (got this one, though, just got a book from the library tonight!)
7. have more patience with my kids
8. get my house clean & KEEP IT THAT WAY!

8 Things I enjoy...

1. ice cream
2. reading to the chix before bed
3. playing with computer software
4. libraries
5. cuddling with Ironman
6. sleeping on my stomach (which hurts my back, so I can't do it)
7. a reallllly good lasagna
8. reading - blogs, books, newspapers...just about anything that'll sit still!

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