Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today is just today. And I'm ok with that.

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Outside my window, but last time I was outside it was getting sunny & already incredibly humid. Nothing like the midwest in August & taking a walk through hot soup at 7am!

The time is...8:39am

Today I feel...tired

I am thinking...I'm really glad I remembered to grab my lunch today, because I totally forgot my purse. Doh!

At the moment, I am thankful...for seatbelts. Idiot driver pulled out in of a gas station without looking and nearly smashed into me. Instead I locked up my brakes, hit the horn, and locked up my seatbelt. I have a bruise from the seatbelt, but my airbag didn't deploy and we didn't collide.



Should have just hit her.

Yes, I'm still irritated.

I am try to figure out a running partner for Yell to run with at Anna's Celebration of Life this weekend.

I am dockers, red button down short-sleeve shirt, black Danskos, earplugs, sunglasses as headband, and *horrors* no makeup! Yep, it's in my purse.

I wish...I could afford a new laptop

I am reading...Excel 2007 for Dummies (and The Memory Keeper's Daughter)(still) and I'm really enjoying another audibook by Rebecca Stead.  The Chicklets & I listened to First Light and it was truly a GREAT book.  I reviewed it on if you want details.

I am working on...getting my living room dusted (found cobwebs on a lamp last night, ewwww) & figuring out some more shortcuts for Excel.  I'd really like to be a lot more proficient at this program.

I am hoping...for cooler weather soon!  Seriously, people, 110°F heat index at 2pm is just too freaking hot for comfort!

I am hearing...lots of work conversations.

Around the house...are lots of cicadas. One even flew into the house this morning!

I bet you didn't twins are now certified Super Sitters! No more guilt over leaving them alone for a couple of hours - WAHOO!!!

One of my favorite...pens is a Staples OptiFlow gel pen. Smooth writing. No scratchiness. And it starts to write the instant I take off the cap. Glad work supplies them for my desk!

My weekend plans grade school reunion (went to the same school 1st-8th grade) on Friday, race/fun run on Saturday for Yell, picking up back-to-school packets for the Chicklets, and a board meeting for FTSC. No rest for the wicked, right?

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