Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Introducing Niece-ling.
This little girl was born with a ton-o-hair.  Can you tell?

In these pictures, she's only a few weeks old.  I think it was 4 or 5.  But see that look on her little face?  She was telling me, "Hey, you're *not* my mom."  She's very opinionated.

And oh, my gosh, how sweet is it that her hair CURLED when it was washed oh so long ago?
Little love bug, cute little nakey baby, it was all I could do not to eat her up!

Today, this cute little bugger is 3 years old.  I'm in awe.  She has such a sweet nature, and reminds me of my sister in all the nicest ways (though she also has her stubbornness)(and dislike of waking up)(I'll stop with the similarities now).  I love that she willingly spends the night at my house without her mommy.  I love that she has her own name for me -- Schoon -- melt!  I love that she adores her 'big' cousins, but still prefers to cuddle on my lap during church.  I love that she's entering her 'girly' phase and prefers dresses and 'clip-clop' shoes to shorts and t-shirts.  I love her enthusiasm for anything crafty and how much she *adores* books.  Best of all, I love that she pretends to call "Schoon" on her toy cell phone when driving in the car!

Being an aunt is the absolute BEST!

Happy birthday, Niece-ling! Come for a sleep over soon, 'kay?

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