Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So my life is pretty calm right now

looking back on the past few weeks i have realized that my life has pretty much calmed down. well that is compared to summer break which was totally over the top so my life is still pretty crazy. i have a dog who itches her ear like crazy. a friend who just transferred to my school. and i just started taking art club and creative writing!!! for creative writing class i have made a few good pieces. one about words and how stuffy some of them are and another on hair. and i just discovered something about myself. i am a terrible story-teller. i truly am, i can never remember what is specifically said or what my friend said and then it always gets all jumbled up with what seems like 6 different endings and by the time i'm at the last sentence my mind is totally fried. so here i am wondering why i signed up for creative writing and how i got myself into this mess and so know i'm open to suggestions. any suggestions you might have i'm open to them. so come on. give me a reply or something to let me know that i'm not the only one out here in the world. so please. give me an answer. any answer. i don't really care.

goodbye for now,
the writer in distress

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