Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'll take annoying for $1,000, Alex

Husbands take note.

At 7:30 pm, when your wife has been awake since 5:30am, at work since 7:30am, and left work at 6pm, it is generally not a good idea to call your wife and say, "what's for dinner?"

Additionally, it is also a bad idea to allow her to FINISH checking out at the grocery store while she tells you her dinner idea.

Another bad idea is to say, "what are to doing?" when you hear her slam the trunk of the car.

The fourth bad idea would be to say, "we'll, I'd really rather have blah blah blah" when she's clearly just finished grocery shopping.

If you have definite dinner plans in mind - SPIT THEM OUT!

Clearly, you've hit the daily double when it comes to the "how to be annoying" category.

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