Monday, August 10, 2009

Newbies to Blogging

One of our twins has been begging for a blog. Begging as in "driving me crazy" to have her own blog. Because she is NOT 18, I'm just not ready, willing, or able to let her have her own blog-o-sphere, so she'll sometimes be guest posting (and will likely be approving) many of the posts.

Tonight I'm reveling in the presence of the overnight guest who is keeping our fraternal girls occupied. My darling husband, Sapper, completely surprised me (should I admit that?) by agreeing to take a friend's son on a Cub Scout overnight -- her husband is currently in Iraq -- and essentially I have control of both the laptop and the remote. Weirdness abounds. I haven't had this since...well, I've slept (or have I?) since the last time that happened.

Hopefully we'll be able to keep family up-to-date on our crazy lives, I'll be able to get this creative-writing-bug out of my system, and the balm will be applied to Crab's desire to have her "own blog".


  1. hey, wazzup?! I like the stuff you posted but I think that I would want my on private blog too. :)

  2. i agree with crab, i'd want my own blog too at an age under 18. ;)

  3. Hey it's crab! glad i have the choice to write my own posts in a blog. yay! :)


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