Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday morning wake up call

So this weekend has been a little off.
Sapper (a.k.a. dh) went on a Cub Scout overnight on Friday.  Apparently all the boys involved had fun, but not all spent the night in tents on the football field.  Sapper & Lambo managed the overnight and we now have a half-dry tent taking up space in our garage - yay us!  Sapper also surprised me by taking Lambo out for breakfast and a haircut.  So cute!  Lambo got a "25-minute flat top".  He was very pleased Columbus noticed when she got to our house.
Did I mention how the chix and I spent our eve Friday?  Oh yeah, we had a guest for an overnight.  The guest was darling.  Sweet.  Angelic.  Polite.  Very welcome to return!  The chix?  Hmmmmm, since they'll be reading this I'll edit my true opinion thoughts feelings.
Dear Chicklets,
I love you.
You are capable of being loving, considerate, sweet girls.
You are my children and entitled to have friends over when you are able to behave.
Awakening your mother at 0700 on a Saturday morning, after having been awake past midnight, by shrieking over who stole what from whom is NOT good behavior.  Continuing the harangue past 0730 when said mother is attempting to recover from a long week at a less than exciting job is also NOT an example of good behavior.
Additionally, remembering your manners (i.e. please, thank you, responses when questions are asked by a parent) is KEY to receiving benefits in our household.  And what to say about the empty ice cream carton on the kitchen counter?
Ahem.  I digress.
Please straighten up the play room.  Put away your blankets, Wii remotes, DVDs, markers, papers, and assorted 'girl paraphernalia.'
And remember, a well-rested mom is a much more pleasant mom.
Mom (who will assign additional chores if so much as one word of back-talk is received over the designation of the chores listed above)
p.s.  Enjoy the bacon!
p.p.s. If you can't find me, I'm in the backyard pulling weeds. And if you choose to join in that fun in an enthusiastic, hardworking manner, you *will* earn cold hard cash. I promise.

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  1. We most certainly did say please and thank you! And I think I might or might not take you up on the offer of some green smackeroonees. I will do mu chores in a couple more minutes, cuz i still have some computer time. G-bye!


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