Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Personal hygiene

Or a complete lack thereof.

If your desk looks like this, you need to give it a few minutes of attention.  I should NOT have to do it for you.  That is NOT in my job description.  You are an adult.  Please act like one!

(Honestly, if I have dry heaves after cleaning your workspace, there is a problem, and it isn't mine!)


  1. looks like my boss's desk after he trimmed his nails. The sugar by the tape dispenser it a nice way to attracted the huge roaches from downstairs in to his cubical. You know he need friends due to his poor cleaning habits. I do hear him talking to the roaches(a.k.a. himself).

  2. blech is right! GROSS!

  3. Yuk! And I have seen some disgusting desks along the way. This makes my trash can look clean.


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