Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top 10 Things Learned While Mom was Sick...10+ Days

  1. The dishwasher doesn't unload itself. 
    Even though the dishwasher gets full and the dishes get washed, unless Mom specifically says "Crab empty the dishwasher" the dishes stay INSIDE the dishwasher.
  2. Mom disappears after being sick for 3 days.
    In the beginning, very attentive children brought popsicles, drinks, tissues, medicine.  After 10 days, I got ONE visit from the girls.  No visits from dh.  Ouch.
  3. Puffs Plus tissues, though occasionally causing excessive amounts of oil to develop around the nose, are the preferred tissue when copious amounts of fluid are leaking from sinus cavities.
  4. When Puffs Plus are not available, toilet tissue, napkins, and the occasional sock will work.
  5. Sapper *can* get the kids out of bed and to school.  (Maybe I add too much volume to the normal routine, causing him to avoid us like the plague?)
  6. 7Up and popsicles.  Not necessarily in that order.
  7. My mother is the most wonderful woman in the world.
  8. Flannel sheets are excellent for keeping the sickly warm & 'coasty' in cold weather.  However, they also trap heat when the sickly person has a fever (resulting in the formation of puddles).  Bleccch.
  9. Not all antibiotics are created equal.
  10. Sick time, when depleted, does not spontaneously regenerate.  ::sigh::
The biggest thing learned, though, was that H1N1 stinks!

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