Saturday, April 10, 2010

Does this strike you as unprofessional?

______ _______ will be off work for the next couple of months beginning on Monday, April 12th.  While she is out, we will be instituting some new front desk procedures. 

No one will be sitting at the front desk.  The phone will be placed on the counter top along with the phone list and there will be a sign instructing visitors to sign in and call the person they are here to see.  Visitors are not to go back by themselves to your office or conference room.  All visitors must be escorted so please help out by making sure that you are at your desk at the time you're expecting visitors and come up and get them when they call you.

If you see someone walking through the area that is unfamiliar, please help out by asking them who they are here to see then escorting them to that person. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

My take on the subject?  There are +/- 250 employees on my floor.  I'm the newsletter editor, so I have to take pictures of all of the employees (for birthdays, employment anniversaries, etc).  There isn't a week that goes by that I see someone 'new' on our floor.  How on earth are we supposed to know that someone is a visitor?
What's more?  As a public agency, there are more than FIVE THOUSAND employees in the two buildings where I work.  I'm wondering how this will be handled when 'the big guy' comes down for a meeting and sees the receptionist's desk is unstaffed. 
Could be very interesting.

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