Thursday, April 1, 2010

not for the faint of heart

Our spring break was relatively calm. Aside from a whirlwind camping trip with the M family, we did a lot of nothing. Sounds boring you say? Whatever!

our epic list of things accomplished Mar 19-Mar 28, 2010
  1. emptied car
  2. hiked in Brown County
  3. outdoor laser tag
  4. water gun fights
  5. overturned a kayak
  6. served at church
  7. played video games and air hockey at Jillian's
  8. enjoyed walking in downtown Indy on a pleasant spring evening
  9. cleaned out Chix' closet
  10. emptied Chix' dressers
  11. found Chix' bedroom floor (anyone sensing a trend?)
  12. volunteered at SSPOM sale
  13. worked on Chix' new beds
  14. washed, dried, and folded roughly 12 loads of laundry
  15. went to the library
  16. swept garage
  17. played basketball in driveway
  18. practiced volleyball against the garage door
  19. found gardening gloves
  20. had lots of playtime with Dixie-the-Wonder-Pup
  21. cleared yard of winter debris
  22. burned winter debris
  23. made s'mores
  24. roasted hot dogs
  25. planned garden
  26. went to Rascal's Fun Zone and drove go-carts
At Rascal's?  Both Chicklets are too short to drive on the outdoor track, but were thrilled to have Sapper at the wheel.  Crab was ecstatic to have him wreck into another dual cart (the driver had turned perpendicular to the wall while going uphill).  We did find that Yell has no concept of how to steer a vehicle.  She'd wait until the middle of a turn before yanking the wheel sharply to the left or right.  I wasn't too surprised when both girls complained of muscle aches the next morning.  On the indoor track, both Chix could drive the 'junior carts' but Crab had to be accompanied by Yell or Sapper on the larger carts.  Somewhat disappointing, but still an incredibly cheap way to spend a cold spring afternoon together.  

Of course, after that outing Crab waved her little pinkie in Sapper's direction and got to go to Coldstone for a consolation treat.  She's such a punk.

In addition, I went to work every day after watching movies with the fam until 11:00 or so? Myassasdragon indeed.

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  1. Seriously sounds like an awesome 10 days! BUUUUSSSY!! Can I say that Cold Stone is THE BEST concession for sure!


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