Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SSPOM Babies & Kids Sale recap

I.  am.  exhausted.

The past few weeks have been non-stop busy for our family.  The Chix have had swim team, volleyball team, and track team practices.  We've had choir rehearsals and choir performances.  Sapper has been out of town frequently.  I knew the Southside Parents of Multiples' sale was happening at the end of March, and I knew the girls had items we could likely purge from their closets, but I also knew I didn't have the time or energy to clear, hang, tag, and sort their things.  I was right!  I didn't have the time or energy until late Friday night.  And then, of course, we found out the Chicklets have been growing like weeds!

Sapper elected to have the girls perform a fashion show of sorts.  The Chicklets would pick out items they have spurned, thrown to the bottom of their closet, buried in their dressers, etc, and try them on for us to evaluate fit and fashion.  We started out with this much 'to sell' at the Fall Sale.

I had the girls try on oodles of stuff that turned out to be a teensy bit too small.  Or a tiny bit out of fashion.  Or that they just plain didn't like.  We ended up, Friday night, with this much MORE to sell at the Fall Sale.

And then on Sunday I found that Crab had been stashing some tiny-bit-too-small stuff in her dresser.  Capris (that fit her 2 years ago too small).  Skirts.  Shirts.  Tights.  So we'll add that to THIS pile.

Anyone in the market for girls' size 7-8, 9-10 clothing?

How silly of me to think we didn't have 'enough' to sell.

Anyway, the sale was a HUGE success.  The Chicklets and I showed up at the sale at 7:15 'to help' where we could.  I sat down to help cashier after 15 minutes of 'shopping' and din't get a breather until 10:30.

Non-stop shoppers for 3.25 hours.  The LOWEST sale I checked out was $18.  The highest was a little over $200.

Comical story:  a lady marveled at the number of twins and triplets she had seen at the sale.  Another member and I informed her that 'the club' was hosting the event, and that we all had 'at least' twins.  Hearing three or four other women gasp "ohhhhhhhh" was pretty funny.

True story:  One woman came from Wisconsin to shop at the SSPOM sale.  I thanked her.  That's a long trip to go second-hand shopping. 

I'm very thankful I was able to help at this colossal fundraiser.  But wow, I wish I'd cleaned out my closets just a little sooner.

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  1. I love our semi-annual sales. We PURGE like no tomorrow! Then of course we shop out of each others stuff. It is SOOOO tiring. I worked the fall sale...and about DIED!


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