Monday, March 1, 2010

Junior Stole My Heart

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Oh my gosh, look at THOSE EYES! This little guy came to visit us a little over 2 months ago. He's small, silly, sweet, and loves cars. And he loves Cars. He personally asked Santa for "Fwo an Doc an Wamone" not just once, but twice.

He lives far away from us -- with his parents as it should be -- but having him here overnight was the best Christmas present I could have had.

Yell drew his name in our 'cousins gift exchange'. She knew he 'loved Cars.' She also knew that she had to stick to the $ limit. I think God smiled on her the day we went to the store. She found not just Doc, but also Wamone and Fwo for just UNDER the limit.

And as soon as he opened his Cars, he was the happiest little boy in the whole world. Fwo an Doc an Wamone didn't leave his sight the entire 24 hours he stayed at our house.

At the tender age of 3, he hadn't spent the night at anyone's house without his parents. God smiled on me that night. His younger cousin, Nallie, had a wretched cough that kept me from sleeping much. Junior snuggled down into his Lightning McQueen sleeping bag (thanks Uncle Ralph!), between his two 'big cousins,' and was asleep before 9:30. Yes, I know that's a really late night for such a little guy, but geez, he doesn't see his cousins that often, he lives all the way across the country, and I was trying to soothe the cough of a 2-yr-old who was crying for her mommy, so just give me a small break!

In the morning I managed to get all six kids (yes, I tripled the number of kids I normally get out the door for church on Sunday) to church BEFORE mass started -- GO ME!!! Two 11-yr-olds, two 5-yr-olds, a 3-yr-old, and a 2-yr-old. Whew.

The one thing he requested was if we could go to Grammy's so he could "play with my Papa."


My little nephew loves his Papa. Hearing him say that was quite a gift.

But having my little Junior for his first overnight was quite possibly the best gift I could have. Thanks for trusting me Nacho & Carnie. I miss you all -- but especially the beautiful eyes on this little man of yours.

(I call do-overs!)

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