Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We Catholics Believe in Sharing

My uncle shared this story with me.  I wish 'Our Lady of Hospitality' would have gotten video. 

Believe it or not? 'Our Lady of Hospitality' came home from work today and while standing at the counter in the kitchen heard a noise out back on the deck. So she went to check it out and noticed an opossum. I had seen one in the yard the day befor but didn't make much of it because they are plentiful around here but had never been seen on the deck.

The funny part ... the varmint had found a bottle of chardonay cooling out there, chewed the seal off, got the cork out somehow or other and proceeded to have an afternoon libation. 'Our Lady of Hospitality' stood there watching the critter drain the bottle, licking it up as fast as he could.  He had tipped the bottle over on its side, and when it stopped flowing out he put his paw on the neck of the bottle and continued slurping it up until no more would come out.  Then he climbed off the deck and went over and laid down on the grass next to the house.  Guess he was a little under the influence. 
There went a good bottle of wine, but he was probably a happy camper the rest of the day.  He had wandered off by the time I came home, but 'Our Lady of Hospitality' was well entertained for a while.

So much for a short story?

Pop/T J/Uncle Popeye 

Thanks for sharing, Uncle Popeye!  And Our Lady of Hospitality, thanks for sharing your wine --  I'll bring a bottle next time I'm in town & we can commiserate over your loss  ;)

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  1. Mom told me about this a couple of days ago, and we both got a good laugh out of it. Those little guys sure have welcomed the 21st century with open arms, errr aaa open paws. How did he know where to try to get into the bottle? And how did he know he could do it? Etc. I'll be he goes to Walmart and buys a cork screw after this!



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