Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've had it!

Or I should say, I think my phone has had it.

Stupid phone.

I had a clamshell-type for more than 3 years and put up with its battery cover falling off on a regular basis. It worked fine. I could text with one hand, had speed dials set up for easy-to-remember numbers, had certain ring tones for specific people, different ring tones for people I didn't necessarily want to interrupt a good read to talk to, an excellent ring tone for my family, and probably the best feature - ring + vibrate together!!!

I sacrificed it all for a Blackberry.

The initial purchase was simple, it arrived by mail, I activated it, and got a blue screen of death. For 2 days, roughly 6 phone calls.

I could answer & talk for a few seconds & then zippo. Zilch. Nada.

And it was promptly replaced (with another refurb) by my ever so helpful carrier. Whew! Or at least a temporary reprieve.

That was nearly 18 months ago and all is not well in the Blackberry department. The phone 'hangs' when the phone rings. I'll answer it, and can hear nothing, but the caller can hear me, yet the screen never indicates its been answered! Or I'll go to a website to read someone's blog and have it 'hang' while reading a script on the page. Or it 'hangs' when I open an email. Or read a tweet. Or delete a phone record. And when I say it 'hangs', I mean it gets the nice little rotating hourglass...for seconds, minutes, it could be HOURS at a time! But if I'm not LOOKING at the phone, or it's gone to its 'inactive' screen I have no idea that it's hanging on the hourglass...draining my battery...nixing my ability to receive any email...any phone calls from my precious Chicklets...any texts from my oh-so-romantic Ironman...

And did I mention that I've gone from one 'hard reset' per day, to 3 per day, to 3 before noon!

I've been counting down the months I need this phone to last until Dec 8. Then I can upgrade without commitment.

Help me, people!

I need recommendations on AT&T compatible mobile devices. iPhone, droid, blackberry, tell me what you like. What you hate. Give me the latest & greatest perks & peeves.

I need email access...and text...and phone...and I might perish without Twitter & Facebook, so take those into consideration too, kay? And did I mention I have a budget? The cheaper the better.


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