Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am very lucky.

My twins are at a low-maintenance stage.  The chicklets are now 11-yrs-old.  They know how to make their own lunches.  They can make their own breakfast (it's the cleaning up the mess they've made that seems daunting).  They can even start loads of laundry (though folding seems to be a bit beyond them). 

This is the part of tween-age-ism that is the good part, right?

It's the never-being-home part of their tween-age-ism that might kill me.  Run to school straight from work, get the chix, take them home to change clothes (because there's just a little too much time between the school pick-up & the sport/activity start), get Yell to her swim practice, wait until Crab's practice starts 30 minutes later, take Yell to her 2nd sports practice while Crab is at swim team, turn around and head back to the initial starting point to get Crab, head home to get dinner started at approx 6:45. 

Yell comes in the door at 1945 (that's 7:45 for those non-military types) with Sapper.  Ahhh, now we can sit down together & have dinner.

That only happens 5 of the 7 nights of the week.

Wait, the laundry/homework/household maintenance begins...when?


And though I'm incredibly busy & constantly on the go, I do love this life I've been given.  My husband is wonderfully supportive (when not making comments like, "and why are you a pain in my rear tonight?"), and my twins are incredibly giving, loving little girls.  And though the economy has sucked me into a less-than-ideal job, in truth I have a wonderful life.

I am thankful.

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