Monday, October 5, 2009

Grace - it's my name - don't wear it out!

Wow.  So yesterday Sapper tasked me with going to various home improvement stores to buy this stuff.  It seems he'd like to actually park a *car* in the garage.  Go figure -- we buy a house with a 3-car garage & he decides he'd like to put more than one car in the garage.  What a weirdo!

I should probably mention, too, that the task was assigned during an event some women wouldn't want to watch the Colts game.  There was a bit of growling involved in my being physically maneuvered out the door of the house.  Anyway, I get to one store and find that they have some of the stuff we need/want, but not all.  So Yell & I headed to another store to find some more of the stuff we want/need, but again, not all.  ::sigh::

Fast forward to the return home.  Sapper is pleased, but not thrilled, with the items purchased.  Like this - and this - and this - but this item wasn't available at either store (and we wanted not one, but two of them).  And of course the 'specialty' items like the weapon baseball bat holder, the golf club rack, and the mobile obstacle course container vertical ball rack all have to be special-ordered.  Aren't we lucky!

Blah blah blah, I get to stuff a bowl of chili down my throat prior to assisting Sapper with his installation project.  Yay.  I'm just glad I had the foresight to throw the stuff in the crock pot before heading out the door to church (7 hours previously).  Bent on showing Sapper that I indeed deserved the tool set he'd given me for Christmas (by the way, honey, where is my #3 Phillips screwdriver?), I climbed the step ladder to help nail the pilot holes for all of the FastTrack Rails.  Labor intensive, I'm not kidding, I bought a box of 50 stud-screw-thingies to help anchor the rails into the wall and we ran out after only 2 rails.

I promise you, I do not have a fear of tools.  I was managing on my own.  Managed to smash my fingers only once with the hammer possessing the ridiculously too-long handle handed me by Sapper.  I mean, I learned how to use a SawZall when we assembled the girls' playhouse (perched 5 feet up on what used to be a pool deck), how hard could it be to hammer pilot holes?

We got done with the pilot holes, and Sapper stuck the rail up against the wall and we began to 'start' the screws in the drywall locks.  Thus begins the end of our story.

I had to stand on the 2nd step from the top so I could reach over the top of the ladder.  When I ran out of area that I could comfortably reach (without leaning so far over on the ladder I'd topple), I began to step down so I could move the ladder.  And boy, did I!

Took one step down with my left foot, completely missed the step, sprawled in mid-air, reaching desperately for the following step with my left foot while the right is still planted on the 2nd step from the top, all the while desperately holding a Phillips screwdriver in my right hand along with the edge of the ladder, and multiple screws in my left hand, doing amazing splits I haven't attempted since cheerleading tryouts in high school....

and down I tumbled.  To the floor.  Arms flailing.  Screws flying.  Ladder tumbling over, nearly onto me & Sapper.  My arms hitting a ladder on the right, and an immobile object on the left.  And oh my word, my back and tailbone hitting concrete below.

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is the reason that today I am hardly able to move my arms, neck, back, and hips.  Not too bad for a SAHM turned WOHM/taxi driver, huh?

Tomorrow, adventures in baby-catching (a memory)!

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