Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alternative Sleeping Quarters

Here's the thing.  My family is pretty small.  I'm not talking about the family I have with Sapper + twins.  I know that's small in comparison to MANY families.  I'm talking about the family I grew up with.  Mom, Dad, me, T (aka Uncle Ralph), Kake, Nacho, and Bundles.

Since we've all aged (I can't say grown up, because that implies maturity.  And I can't say matured, as none of us are mature.  I'll probably tell Race Day stories sometime to illustrate my point.), we've acquired significant others and kids, etc.  So anyway, to my point.  The accumulated spouses, children, and paraphernalia that deluge my parents' now-small house at holiday time makes the walls tremble in terror.  Shinessite only does day visits - thank heavens - there's no room in the inn! - and we're only a 45 minute drive.


there are the Ohio contingent - Kake, Helmet, Scoobie, & Niece-ling

there are the California contingent - Nacho, Carnie, JJ, and Junior.

and there are the unmarried brothers - T & Bundles.

Those are ten bodies being added to the normally quiet confines of my parents' downsized house.  Not the house with five bedrooms and 1.5 baths -- the house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  But not exactly enough room for 12 people to sleep comfortably.  Of course, there is the Christmas their furnace went out and we ALL stayed in ONE room (minus 2 kids, they weren't in the world yet).  That was pretty darned cozy.  Anyway, there is a point to my story.  Truly.  I promise!

Over the weekend my parents came up with this fantastical idea to borrow our camper so they'd have a 'spare bedroom' at their house.  Not a bad idea.  They don't need to de-winterize the camper as the 3 bathrooms at their house are adequate.  It will give them a break from the madness & hilarity that only their kids can provide while playing Mad Gab.  Even better?  They'll be able to go to bed WHEN they want and not have their rest interrupted (providing we don't go out and start a car or four while they're sleeping).  They have plenty of yard available and electrical hookup so they'll have heat.  Hmmmm.  Sapper ok'd the idea and I thought things would roll into place later this week.


Dad emailed yesterday at 2pm asking when he could pick up the camper.  "Dad, I'm at work."

"That's ok, what time will be good."

"I'll be home at 5:30, but if we wait longer it will be dark and that would suck for camper packing."

"That's a little late.  Can I come earlier?"

"That's fine.  I don't care.  You have a key.  I'll be home to help you at 5:30."

Fast forward to 4:30 when I get in touch with my dad.  Not only has he found the keys to the camper (in our kitchen), he's jacked the trailer up off of the blocks, removed the wheel chocks, hitched up the camper, completely ignored the sway bars, and has the camper out of our yard, IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE with the lights on, ready to go.  ::okay, deep breath::  "Dad, you did that all by yourself?!"  "Yep!  I may be 75, but I'm spry and get the job done!"

Well.  Since he didn't need me after all, I ran errands after picking up the chicklets from school & we got home at 6:30.  This is what we found.

Yep.  We found an open garage door.  Apparently he's spry, but a little forgetful.

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  1. But you forgot that I had locked and deadbolted the back door so that someone wouldn't be able to come in and take the dogs!


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