Saturday, December 26, 2009

9 at night with Niece-ling

Oh, Niece-ling, what will we do with you?

N woke up around 9 tonight sobbing and coughing wretchedly. I got her out of bed and took her to go potty. She continued to cry pitifully as I carried her into mom's room. She moaned her mommas and daddas name so much, still sobbing. She complained about her lip, so I went and got her ice to suck on. She calmed down a tad bit. Mom (mine) asked her if she would like to read books. She willingly agreed and I ran to the Doctor Seuss section of our bookshelf and grabbed about 4-5 books to read.

Believe it or not, she stopped crying as soon as "Aaa Schoon" began to read Pizza Pat. Wish us luck, we still have to put her back to bed! Night Night N!

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