Monday, January 4, 2010

Old Henry

1927 Model T Ford
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When I was little, we lived in Broad Ripple, a neighborhood on the Indianapolis northside. We had a large garage by BR standards. It held 3 cars and as many bikes as you can imagine a family of seven would have.

When we went into the barn, we had to 'be careful of Old Henry'. This shell of a car had no tires, no wheels, no windows, no top. But we had to 'be careful' around it. We knew if we touched it, Dad would know.

When I was 10 years old, somehow Dad got wheels on the car. He got tires. It was a very big deal. We still had to 'be careful' around Old Henry, but this was even more exciting. He was going to come OUT of the garage!

Our neighbors came from down the alley with their Polaroid camera. Mr. Hazel brought some beer. And Dad rolled the car out of the green double barn doors. We were breathless with anticipation. It was too exciting to be believed. There was no glass in the windows, no top, no spare tire, no SEATS to be had. We stood in the back of Old Henry, and Dad sat in a lawn chair. Mom sat on a wooden stool Dad had made for us to use in the playroom.

But we were so excited we made up a song about bumping down the road in Old Henry without seats, windows, or rear view mirror.

Congratulations on winning the photo contest, Dad; bigger congrats on restoring such a beautiful old car. And thanks for raising us to appreciate such a treasure.

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