Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Stabbed (in a good way)

Getting Stabbed
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This photo is pretty terrible, but I had it taken with my phone. I was obviously a little hindered at the time.

There's this blogger who is sponsoring a blood drive. You can see what I'm talking about here (but don't click yet, I have a story to tell)

Way back when, a million or so years ago, I met my friend Miss Magina. She and I went to the same church, but hadn't met each other. I remember hearing about her -- and was completely skeptical -- seems she was pregnant with spontaneous triplets. Yeah, right. At that point I'd been in a multiples club for almost 2 years (you know, forever?) and I didn't know ANYONE who had spontaneous triplets.

During her pregnancy, she found out she had Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). Fortunately, Miss Magina was blissfully unaware of how dangerous this condition could be to her babies. Also fortunately, she carried the girls to 32.5 weeks with ZERO BEDREST! (Yes, fellow M.o.M.s, I still tell her she's a freak of nature.)

Babies get delivered, all three doing relatively well for being preemies, but Miss Magina feels weird. Apparently she lost consciousness at this point and remembers nothing. But she did tell me -- years later -- that she had to have a transfusion. She and I have the same blood type. The hospital gave her a universal blood type, but her body reacted badly, she started 'crashing.' Switch to OUR blood type and she improved immediately.

So anyway -- Miss Magina is the best friend in the world. She's taken me to the hospital at least twice. She's shown up in the middle of an evening to make me hot caramel apple cider when I was feeling gross. She makes me coffee. She's taught me to do some basic computer repair. And I can't sum up how much I love her in one paragraph -- gad -- I'll make you throw up anyway.

My point is, if I'd known her at that point in our lives, and if I'd known she needed a transfusion, I would have happily been a direct donor for her. And I know she'd do the same for me. 

Just a little something to make you think.  It's a little uncomfortable (but childbirth is a lot worse).  It takes a little while (but you pay to go to the dentist).  And you're scared of needles (don't look!  I don't!)  But maybe there's someone you'd like to honor?  Or anyone you know who's been affected by a transfusion?

Consider donating. You'll help at least three people with one donation, and it doesn't cost you a cent.

And ManicMommy has some pretty cool prize opportunities too.


  1. You are freaking awesome, awesome AWESOME!!! And so is Miss Magina!!!! xoxo

  2. @Manic Mommy
    Holy cow, my first non-family comment! Thanks for sponsoring such a simple service project :)


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