Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have this full-time job

As a taxi driver.


In order, today I have visited:
School newspaper bin
Cardboard recycling
McDonald's (had to get breakfast somewhere!)
Glass/metal recycling
Credit union (which wasn't open, so I cleaned out my car...and found these...
  1. Starbucks gift card!!!
  2. sharpie
  3. lid to my lip gloss
  4. bottle of motrin
  5. zillions of pennies - all in the first 5 minutes (& under drivers seat)!
  6. Crab's lip gloss
  7. Yell's church nametag
  8. sunglasses
  9. chopsticks
  10. Niece-ling's juice cup
  11. tictacs
  13. 1 swim fin
  14. gloves
  15. frisbee
  16. Christmas church bulletin
  17. sidewalk chalk
  18. index cards
  19. blue clip-on hair streaks
  20. 1st communion necklace
  21. socks
  22. magnet
  23. batteries
  24. Empty shoe box
  25. drawings
  26. backpack
  27. & I admit to spilling the pennies 
Bank (for volunteer stuff of course)
Home (forgot the checkbook)(and the phone charger)
Mcdonalds (chicklet needed lunch)
Credit union (found part of more than $28 in change in my car!)
Credit union (forgot to ask some research questions)
Chick-Fil-A (cuz I *needed* a peppermint chocolate chip milkshake)
Bank (research)
Bank (more research)
Physical therapy
Tire place
Post office
Sam's Club
*HOME* for a full 90 minutes!

And yet on the agenda were:
Chhhhhooooiiirrr-la la la la! (the one thing I truly love about Wednesdays, going to choir practice)
And home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Is it any wonder I took the day off from work? Where on earth would I have crammed it into this ridiculous schedule?

I'm wondering, in all seriousness, what it would take to get a chauffeur's license. I'm sure it would pay better than being the designated TaxiMom.

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  1. Suz -

    I found your list of items in the car interesting. There is a difference between us as I'm retired and don't have the opportunity to collect things at that rate nor do I have the taxi business any more.

    In my F-150 cab I found:

    Two floor mats
    Pair of fuzzy dice (Ben's)
    Book I keep my milage in for the business
    2008 Airstream membership book ???
    Styrofoam cup (to go over instrument panel mounted compass in hot weather)
    2 inch piece of plastic drain pipe ???
    Tool box
    Rope bag
    Walking stick
    Neck cushion
    (Does not include items in bed tool box)

    As for my taxi trips…

    Drove CRV to church and back in morning
    Drove Mercedes to Brownsburg and back to get a Nash part repaired
    Drove F-150 home from Ford dealership after getting alternator replaced

    Looks like there is no comparison! You truly are a busy person with a lot of useless stuff in your car.

    I, in the other hand, am not busy and everything I have in my truck is valuable and used frequently!!! (Chuckle)


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