Monday, June 14, 2010

And Camp Kake Begins!

So far, we (Crab n Yell) have done many things here in Cincinnati, including riding electric scooters, throwing tantrums, babysitting, playing with play doh, tie dying, and trampoline jumping!  The kids (Scooby & Niece-ling) were so enthusiastic that they made a list of things that they would like to do such as kayaking, fishing, painting the sidewalk, and more.  As you can obviously tell, many of these things are not possible.  We did however, enjoy making tie dye tee shirts, swimming, and visiting with friends! As for the exciting events of tomorrow, stay tuned to learn more about our splendiforous days at the relatives house!

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  1. Miss you my chixies! Glad you're having a great time at Camp Kake - huge my Niece-ling & Scooby - and try to be good helpers for Aunt Kake, okay? xo


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