Friday, June 25, 2010

So sad...

I went to the eye doctor back in January.  It had been more than a year since my last visit.  The doc was great, figured out that my eyes are indeed oddballs, and took care of my prescription.  Yay for new contacts!


To clarify, oddballs = differently shaped.

To further clarify, differently shaped = two different shapes.

To clarify to the fullest?  two differently shaped eyeballs means two different BRANDS of contact lens.  And two different prescriptions.  (Yes, I'm legally blind, but that's another entirely long and rather boring story.)

My new doc was kind enough to mail my prescription to me - wahoo! - no 40+ mile drive to his office just to pick up two boxes of contact lenses.

Did I mention I'm legally blind?  

I did?

Ok, no big deal, just making sure you're paying attention.

Anyway, the doc mailed my scrip to me and I was oh-so-excited to receive them.  I eagerly opened the box and found two different brands (as expected), but no note within indicating which brand/lens was for which eye.  I puzzled about it, pondered, examined the boxes, flipped them all around, scoured these silly packages and found nothing.

That was in February.

So I kept reminding myself EVERY DAY to call the doc's office to see which contact lens I should switch to when my lenses wore out, and which one was for which eye.

And I kept forgetting.  And forgetting.

Have I ever mentioned that I have twin daughters who participate in multiple sports & I'm sucker enough to volunteer for board positions because I enjoy being able to make a difference where my kids and/or twins and/or multiples are involved?

Ok, maybe I didn't mention that part.

Anyway, I get sidetracked working on other stuff and frequently forget things calls to doctor's offices.  Like the one I made for my annual exam that was due May 21...and is now scheduled for July 8.

So, back to the contact lenses. 

I had searched these boxes and was unable to figure out which lens was for which eye.  And one night, after working on the deck project (another story to follow sometime in the future), I got some solvent in my eye, my lens promptly dried out and nearly fell out of my eye.  

Since I'd been wearing the same lenses the doc gave me (back in January)(have you noticed the date? in case you haven't, it's JUNE) I thought I'd better pull them out and toss them and give one last shot at the box to maybe be able to figure out which lens was which and how on earth to put the right prescription into the proper eye (yes, I've done it wrong before)(and it resulted in a migraine).

And guess what?  

I'm old.

Happy birthday to me!

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