Wednesday, June 23, 2010

weird -- and completely freaking SCARY start to the day

It was 6am and I was in the living room, looking for my cell phone. Crab had just gone out to the garage to get something for me. Yell was already in the car.

I heard this explosion that reverberated -- like thunder almost -- but really sounded like something crashing down twice - or like the noise a little boy makes when he's pretending to explode tanks & army men.

I ran to the garage to see what had happened. Thinking the garage door had fallen down, the hanging racks had fallen, picturing the girls standing there in a cloud of dusty drywall. I opened the door & nothing seemed wrong. I asked, "Are you okay? What happened?"

Both girls looked at me with blank looks and responded, "What, Mommy?"

I said, "Is everything okay? Didn't you hear that noise?"

"What noise?"

"Oh my God, the ceiling fan must have fallen down in your room!"

I had heard the girls' ceiling fan squeaking like crazy before I went downstairs this a.m. & had 'adjusted' it so it quit squeaking. I remember thinking it odd as it hadn't been squeaking 30 minutes earlier.

My heart was pounding, I could hear popping & squeaking upstairs as I got to the foot of the stairs. Yelly was close behind me. She tried to go upstairs in front of me, but I said, "Get the phone. Call 911 if I call to you."

All the time I was wishing Ironman was home -- how on earth would I handle someone having broken into our house? What did they want? Why did they crash through the walls of our house?

While trying to calm my nerves, I heard the squeaking of the girls ceiling fan. How on earth did the motor keep going if the blade & unit had fallen down? Did it shred the girls' bedding? What would their room look like? Had plaster fallen? What the...

Random thoughts were flying through my head while I was ascending the eleven steps to our upstairs.

I could hear the squeaking...and a weird popping sound. But the popping was ahead to my left. The squeaking was ahead to my right. I glanced in the girls' bedroom and it was as messy as usual - with the ceiling fan intact.

I turned around, where the popping was really a LOT louder, thinking "Oh my gosh, someone is in the bathroom..." and saw glass.

All over the floor.


Yelly was up the stairs like a shot.

I turned on the light and surveyed her bathroom.

The shower door had shattered.

The girls hadn't used the shower since Wednesday night. It's Tuesday morning. What?!?

I checked to make sure no one was in the shower - and left the glass literally popping in the air like popcorn kernels on the bathroom & shower floors. I wanted to make a video because the glass was popping around all over. It was truly weird.

I'll clean it up after I take pictures later. prowler, no injuries, just a random shattered shower door. Why do these oddities occur only when Ironman is gone?!
Just to reassure you all, I originally wrote this way back on June 23, 2009.  No, we still haven't replaced the shower door (but we did put up a shower curtain so the girls can use the shower).  And yes, I can still remember that exploding crashing sound like it was yesterday.  Freaky freaky stuff...

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  1. OMG that IS scary!!!! I would be thinking all the same exact paranoid thoughts you were. I am always thinking the worst. Very freaky.


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