Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thus Our Last Fun Day Ceases...

In the events of the day, we have been doing everything fun left on our list, proving an insanely hysterical close to Camp Kake! Visiting our favorite ice cream parlor today, we enjoyed licking and slurping up all of our fabulous ice cream. We were also fortunate enough to be joined by our good friends T_____, and her dogs, Huey and Gypsy, who also got a good lick of my cone while I wasn't looking! (was the mint ice cream good, Huey? Hope so!) We also thoroughly enjoyed taking our last swim in the pool and had a superbly fun shaving cream battle! (and yes, my hands do indeed still smell like Barbasol!) Making gifts for relatives and friends was also a fantastic passtime, after all, who doesn't love hand making painted magnets? (It really was fun!) Little cousin N_______ was enjoying her new nickname "Sea Biscuit" for about 20 minutes. 'N____ would you like to have dinner?' 'I not N____, I See Bithcut!'
To wrap it up for our Camp Kake fun, I would just like to say thank you _______ so much for letting us stay and enjoy such greatly awesome activities, I cannot wait until next summer! =D

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