Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Third Day Comes to an End...

Today contained several more exciting events including more swimming, a board meeting, a water balloon fight, shopping, tennis lessons, and buckets more!!!! 

As learned today, tolerance of shopping with two little ones proves difficult. We visited the mall today and only managed to fit in two stores before the whine-fest began. Hunger, sleepiness, and boredom was indeed too much to handle, so we had to go home. 

The water balloon fight was spectacular as we splashed our way through war and tossing the balloons.  All of the activities for today were discussed with our board members, Aunt Kake as our president, Scooby as our VP, Yell as our secretary, and me as our coordinator and recorder!  

As usual, swimming was a blast and full to bursting with fun as we splashed and soaked up the sun.  Scooby did excellently at his tennis lesson! (bravo!!) In all, our day was just as much fun as the last few days and I hope that we can have lots more before our fantastic trip comes to an end!!! Stay tuned! =D

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  1. It sounds like your week is a LOT more fun than mine. Wish I could be with you.


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